Xeen CF 135mm T2.2 FF Cine Sony E

Samyang expands their cinematic Xeen CF series and introduces the new Xeen CF T2.2 135mm.

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CF stands for compact and flexible, which highlights the compact size and versatility of the lenses. The goal when designing the Xeen CF lenses was to make a cinematic lens so small and compact as possible without compromise in any ways that would lower the quality.

The 135mm focal length is often chosen for portraits and close-ups. Thanks to the lightweight design of the lens it is perfect for the modern filmmaker that wants to combine it with a camera on a gimbal or drone. With a lightweight lens, it becomes easier to balance a gimbal or drone and therefore increase battery and production time.

Xeen CF series comes with a great optical construction which minimizes focus breathing, supports 8K resolution and gives a cinematic look with outstanding detail reproduction. The great aperture of T2.2 delivers a beautiful bokeh, shallow depth of field and excellent low light performance. Featuring 11 rounded aperture blades, the lens produces a soft and dreamlike bokeh wide open and a crystal-clear crisp sharpness when stopped down. It adds an artistic touch to the film and creates a sense of soft dimension with incredible bokeh, perfect for out-of-focus portrait. Thanks to Samyang's unique X-coating, light reflections and ghosting effects are effectively minimized.

Key specifications:

  • Covers full-frame sensors and 8K resolution
  • X-coating minimizes light reflections
  • 11 aperture blades produce beautiful circular bokeh effects
  • Parts in carbon fiber provide light and durable lenses
  • Standard diameter of 95mm provides compatibility with matt boxes
  • Available for Canon EF, Sony E and PL mounts
  • Luminous markings makes use easy even in extremely low light
  • Unified positions of focus and aperture rings in all models of the series
  • Consistent 200-degree rotation angle enables fine focus adjustment

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SamyangXeen CF 135mm T2.2 FF Cine PL
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SamyangXeen CF 135mm T2.2 FF Cine Canon
Kód produktu

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